iPantellas joins Divimove's talent network


A deal has been signed between multi-platform content creator iPantellas– with over five million subscribers and more than two billion views on YouTube alone – and Divimove, Europe's largest digital studio and network of social influencers.

Since embarking on their social-media career with the launch of their YouTube channel in August 2009, Jacopo Malnati and Daniel Marangiolo have developed and grown a strong online presence. Their success is based on fun content and musical parodies they post on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. After more than 10 years, iPantellas has grown into a community of over eight million on social media, becoming a main stay on the Italian entertainment industry.

"The duo behind iPantellas are two of the leading and most popular creators in Italy. They've always shown great commitment to their community, both by developing high-quality content and by personally supporting social projects aimed at promoting the good of the community itself", explains Elisa Merlo, Talent Partnership Manager at Divimove Italy. "We're delighted to be teaming up with them as they seek to expand their reach further at a time when online content use has hit unprecedented peaks: growth borne out by the record number of views our network of creators has clocked up, exceeding one billion views for two months in a row, March and April." That is why she believes "this is a unique opportunity for brands to invest safely iniPantellas, a market leader with a channel that has been notching up great results for years now."

As iPantellas puts it, "We chose Divimove as our partner because of our confidence in professionals like Massimo Spada, Senior Brand Partnership Manager for Italy,and Elisa Merlo, Talent Partnership Manager at Divimove Italy. We've set goals for us to achieve together over the next 15 months. Going forward, we're very confident and firmly believe that their work, combined with the one by our management – will help us consolidate and expand both artistically and as a business, ultimately taking us to the next level."

The deal sees iPantellas join Europe's leading content creator network, with over 1,500 partners across eight countries, including Me contro Te, Human Safari, Lyon, Lilly Meraviglia, Tyler Strikes and Leonardo Decarli.

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