Divimove partner AlexiBexi publishes book for smartphone photographers


AlexiBexi has more than 1.6 million followers on the social web, making him Germany's most popular tech influencer. But today the digital star who bagged a Web Video Award, together with the publishing company riva Verlag is venturing into the analogue media world by publishing his first book, Scheiss auf Kameras (Fuck Cameras!). His 190-page book shows smartphone users how to get the very best images out of their slender pocket companions, inspiring them to produce perfect photos and videos in every conceivable situation. 

Divimove partner AlexiBexi made his name primarily by posting humorous product reviews and short videos on YouTube,but he also hit the headlines for his political involvement in the first influencer campaign for the 2019 European elections. Fuck cameras! is 100% edutainment and, like AlexiBexi himself, is ruthlessly honest and exudes unmistakable character. Steering well clear of hollow advertising claims and clunky technical jargon, in just a few steps the 30-year-old explains how selfie hunters can become mobile photo artists.

"The future of photography is in every trouser pocket. We just need to see this and be willing to break free from conventional rules of photography. Pull that off and any smartphone user can produce brilliant pics without later having to feel ashamed about a blurry mess posted on Instagram. And that's precisely why I want to inspire absolutely everyone to give photography a go," explains AlexiBexi. 

Having taken a brief crash course in classic photography, in Fuck Cameras! AlexiBexi shares his experiences and most valuable tips and tricks. He also writes about the camera technology of the latest smartphones, perfect image composition, the relevance of light and colour and how best to record live action and movement, and liberally sprinkles all this with advice on helpful apps and accessories.

"Farewell frightful selfie!"

Taking photos with a mobile phone is much more than simply pressing a button. When used cleverly, smartphones can open up new horizons for users' creative content production. Fuck Cameras! exposes supposed professionals as total beginners and reveals the techniques and subtle refinements needed to create perfect photos and videos with smartphones.


The book is available now, in both digital and analogue formats. 

Click here to see the trailer for Fuck Cameras! on AlexiBexi's YouTube channel:


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