COVID-19: The most consumed content on YouTube


In recent years, YouTube has become the second largest search engine worldwide. This is a trend that brands are constantly trying to take advantage of when positioning themselves among their target audience and which is enhanced by understanding what content is the most in demand on the platform. In this sense, a data analysis carried out by Divimove, a digital media company, reflects how the categories of Automobile, Children's Entertainment and Gaming were some of the most consumed between March and May 2020, coinciding with the beginning ofthe COVID-19 pandemic.

The study, based on a sample of 1,115 YouTube channels from Divimove’s network covering various topics, analysed the consumption habits of the five European markets where the company is present: Spain, France, Italy, Germany and the Netherlands. The analysis considered the increase in total views during the period from March to May 2020 as well as monthly.

The world of the automobile leads the ranking

The top 5 most viewed content topics is led by the Automobile sector with an increase of +292%, followed by Children's Entertainment with +278% and Gaming (+248%). In fourth position is the category of People & Blogs (+229%), which includes channels related to event analysis, cultural content and video blogs, according to YouTube's description. Finally, the subject of Sports came in fifth position with an increase of +228%.

The month of May breaks audience records

The detailed analysis of each month shows that May recorded the greatest increase in views compared to previous months. Specifically, on average views increased by +736% in May compared to the previous month in the TOP 5 categories.

Science and Technology: the topics with the longest view time

Regarding the watch time from audiences for the analysed categories, users dedicate more minutes to Science and Technology with an increase of +328%. It is followed by Kids Entertainment with +262% and Automobile with +258%. In fourth and fifth place is General Interest (+247%) - with lifestyle content and aspects related to socio-political issues - and Gaming (+244%), respectively.

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