Branded Channel + Strategy

About the client

Iglo is a frozen food brand based in the United Kingdom, with products sold across the European continent. The brand is famous for its popular fish fingers and Captain Iglo. Iglo is owned by Nomad Foods Europe.

The challenge

Divimove supported Iglo in bringing the brand’s mascot, Captain Iglo, to the digital era with an innovative project. The internationally renowned character didn’t resonate to the millennials, as he was perceived as stuck in tradition.

"The video was reaching overall more than 125,000 views and was called the best commercial ever."

The idea

Captain Iglo is a childhood hero who can do anything: In this gravity-challenging concept Captain Iglo performed some impressive freerunning skills while trying to catch a group of hoodlums stealing fish fingers. Divimove produced an action-driven video in Rotterdam’s harbour featuring five famous social influencers.

The results

The video was uploaded on the brand’s YouTube channel, reaching more than 125,000 views in total. It generated a lot of engagement and was called “the best commercial ever”.

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